Advanced graphics for architecture

  • Technical Drawings
  • 3D Modeling
  • Renderings
  • Virtual Tour
  • Photomontages
  • Video

Representation of architecture

Effectively representing your design is crucial for its actual execution, but also for effectively illustrating to Customer / Client. To understand a design, classic plane projections are essential but most often not enough to comprehend, and not only for those who do not have adequate technical training. The representation of a complex space surely requires the use of perspective and assonometic views. That's why three-dimensional modeling has become an indispensable tool in contemporary design.


Virtual Tour

  Sometimes the drawings alone are not enough to simply communicate the idea of a space. A Virtual Tour is a 360 degree view that allows the viewer to place himself at the center of that space and rotate his view around intuitively.


Is now compulsory in many town planning procedures, therefore photomontage is required together with plants, prospects and sections. Photomontage contextualizes the project by inserting it into a photo of the environment taken in the real world.[View more...]



Complex scenarios, as can be those required in an urban plan, may be better illustrated with the help of a video, which can show a large amount of data in a more engaging way than a classic slide show would do.


3D Modeling

provides decisive support for design. A three-dimensional model allows you to see a project under perspectives you could ignore even if you created that space yourself. Especially in the case of complex spaces.[View more...]